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DJ FloMasta
DJ FloMasta

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FLOMASTA Remixer/Producer/Musician Allan Heaggans aka FLOMASTA has spent his life pursuing his love of music. Flomasta has evolved from playing 1st chair baritone in his junior high band to becoming a top rated REMIXER in the Florida club scene. His eclectic style is instantly recognizable by his colleagues and his many fans. Born in Cleveland Ohio, Flomasta grew up in a demanding home environment. When he decided to join the school band he hid the fact from his parents. This dedication resulted in a 2nd place award in his school county competitions. Allan had moved from 3rd to 1st chair in only 6 months. Through this early experience Flomasta discovered a love of music that would follow him for the rest of his life.  Settling on making his way as a DJ, he began studying the best that were spinning on the Central Florida club circuit. Then…he created his own style. By combining two genres of music, he coined the term SoulTech to describe this new style. THIS IS TRULY YET TO BE SEEN IN TODAY’S CLUB SCENE. Flomasta started spinning in public (late 1999) with DJ SANTANA and DJ FBI at Sally’s After-Hours. He was offered the resident DJ position and remained there until the club closed. He also finish first place in the 93.3 FLZ & Big 3 Records DJ Battle, where he competed against the top DJ’s in the State. Over the years, Flomasta has performed in many different venues, from lounges to an Amphitheater. With all these experiences he has developed his own unique form of showmanship, and Flomasta’s goal is to create a show that is unlike the “norm”.

Press contact: Patricia Gardiner
Booking agent: 813 531 3804

“A DJ’s job is to lead the party, not to hide in a booth..”

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